Every Thursday during the summer, there’s a “Farmer’s Market” on campus. It’s held during lunchtime so I have no excuse for missing it. I don’t have to drive to get there, and I can get enough for an evening’s meal. Today I bought yams, green beans, 3 ears of corn, 3 pretzels (for lunch), and a dish of peach ice cream. They also had yellow squash and zucchini, fresh mushrooms, lettuce, various herbs, baguettes & italian bread, freshly baked pies, tomatoes, and something I’m sure I’m forgetting.

When I was little, everyone generally cooked meals by starting with raw ingredients and assembling them. Now it’s rare that I don’t open a can, or take something already prepared out of the freezer. It’s not that we lack for food, but we are starved for the time it takes to prepare fresh food. I need to work on that.