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Upcoming events

Tuesday, 2/7: Practice with “Blue Pastures” after appointment with eye doctor, 4:30 pm Wednesday 2/8: BFOTM meeting, make brownies for Friday night Thursday 2/9: Practice with “Free Range Blue” in Jarrettsville Friday 2/10: BFOTM concert, Mike...

Sometimes you just have to say it

A friend posted on Facebook about withdrawing support from Susan G. Komen for their withholding funds from Planned Parenthood. This is a very visible friend with many followers. I invited him to inquire privately why I would now support Komen. I hoped he would be...

Mom's birthday

Today was the first time Mom’s birthday came after her death. Death. I still have a hard time thinking of her that way, even though I saw her laid out in the funeral home. It didn’t look like her, not really, just someone’s idea of what she looked...

Google Maps

Here’s a link to the google map closest to the Villages of Hope Zambia. I was hoping to embed the map but it doesn’t want to work.